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Effective Skin Care

For over 40 years, Tabor Dermatology has provided effective solutions and procedures to help patients in Burbank and surrounding areas of California improve their skin. After discussing your skin care needs and going over the options available to you, Dr. George S. Tabor, M.D., will perform the procedures that are necessary put your skin in its healthiest state and give it the most appealing appearance possible.
We offer treatments for a variety of skin conditions from acne and unsightly moles to skin cancer.
Are age spots blemishing your face? Is wrinkly skin aging you prematurely? Concerned about an unusual growth? Well call Tabor Dermatology and let us help. We maintain a quiet, professional atmosphere in our office and wait times are minimal, so we can promise comfortable, timely service.
When you are having skin problems, you need dermatological care services from a doctor that you can rely on. Dr. Tabor's experience includes time as President of the San Fernando Valley Dermatological Association and he is affiliated with trusted organizations like the California Medical Association.
Worried about wrinkles? — — Tabor Dermatology in Burbank, CA

Concerned about looking older?

We'll help you look as young as you feel.
For effective skin care solutions from an experienced dermatologist, call Tabor Dermatology and schedule an appointment today.